Princess Anne: King Charles’ sister steps in

There is currently a staff shortage in the British royal family due to several absences due to illness. King Charles III (75) has to go to hospital this week for prostate surgery and the heir to the throne, Prince William (41) and Princess Kate (42), are currently unable to make official appointments. The wife of the king’s eldest son is also in a hospital – due to an unspecified abdominal operation. On Wednesday, Charles’ sister Princess Anne (73) stepped in at an award ceremony at Windsor Castle.

At the award ceremony, “The Queen” director Sir Stephen Frears (82) was honored with a medal and a knighthood, among others. The British royal family shared several photos of the honor on Instagram and wrote: “Congratulations to everyone who received their awards at the Princess Royal Investiture today.” In addition to Frears, the founder of the British charity Walking With The Wounded, Simon Daglish, was honored.

After the ceremony for tea

Director Frears was honored for his contributions to film and television. One of his most famous films is “The Queen” from 2006, for which leading actress Helen Mirren (78) received an Oscar as Elizabeth II. About his career success said the Briton after the award ceremony, according to the Daily Mail: “It’s really a very nice thing. I can’t complain. I’ve been very, very lucky.” After the ceremony, a typically British point of the day was on the list: “It was a very nice day and now we’re going to go have tea.”

Health problems in the royal family

Last Wednesday it was announced that King Charles III. will be treated in hospital this week for a benign enlargement of his prostate. “Like thousands of men every year, the King has had himself examined for an enlarged prostate. His Majesty’s condition is clear and he will go to hospital next week for surgery. The King’s public appearances will be postponed for a short recovery period.” said an official statement.

Just one day later, his wife Camilla (76) said at a public meeting that Charles was doing well and was looking forward to returning to his royal duties after his procedure. It was also announced last Wednesday that Princess Kate had to undergo planned abdominal surgery and would remain in the clinic for up to 14 days after the successful procedure. According to media reports, she is also said to be doing well.


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