Princess Charlene: 3 fashion lessons that will always apply

Princess Charlène
3 fashion lessons that we learn from the Monegasque woman

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She embodies the zeitgeist of Monaco like no other – and she has only been a part of it for 13 years. Charlène has internalized luxury and glamor and is, after Grace Kelly, the next radiant princess that the city-state on the French Mediterranean coast has to offer. Be it outfits from Akris, Giorgio Armani and Burberry – the 46-year-old regularly creates quiet elegance with her looks. This puts her on a style level like sister-in-law Caroline von Hannover and niece Charlotte Casiraghi. How can you achieve this? Very easy. We reveal three effective styling lessons that you can learn from the stylish Monegasque woman.

3 style lessons to learn and copy

1. Geometry is key

We are sure: In another life, the woman at Prince Albert’s side would have made a wonderful mathematician. Why is that? Charlène loves geometric cuts. Because that’s exactly what makes pieces in simple beige, gray or black look interesting and unusual. Sometimes she chooses an asymmetrical neckline like at her husband’s New Year’s speech at the beginning of 2024, sometimes she chooses a triangular-cut top at the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The Essence: With sophisticated tailoring and tricks, the designs of her outfits in particular create excitement. You don’t always need bright colors and ruffles to stand out.

At the Grand Prix in Monaco, the princess wears a geometric top.

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2. Tone-on-tone looks look classy and not at all staid

For Charlène, the look is optimal when everything is beautifully tone-on-tone. And the princess masters this perfectly in terms of color. red-on-red, Cream-on-cream or blue-on-blue – the main thing is that the look appears to be all of a piece. And this style motto works! For the national holiday on November 19, 2023, she appears alongside her children Gabriella and Jacques in a complete look in red.

In a complete look in red, the Monegasque woman will attract everyone’s attention on the national holiday in November 2023.

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As part of the 160th anniversary of the founding of the Consulate of the Principality of Monaco in Florence, she chooses a cream beige-on-beige look of blouson jacket and jacquard trousers by Emporio Armani. And she celebrates her love of muted colors at the Saint Dévote celebrations in a monochrome outfit in gray. Cast and good!

3. Fabric over fabric? À Charlène pretty sexy

Princess Charlène’s style is definitely not comparable to that of other royals. While in Spain, Sweden or Great Britain people like to take the opportunity to show a little more skin in an elegant way at glamor events, the style of the First Lady is Monaco has become more and more “dressed” over the years. Since her illness-related break in 2021, the princess has been wrapping herself in more fabric and is increasingly wearing turtlenecks and long dresses. Charlène beautifully demonstrates how chic and sexy it can look. With a waist belt, flared shoulders or a special neckline, the blonde regularly creates a silhouette that looks feminine and extremely sexy despite a lot of material.

Lots of fabric, but tailored – that’s part of the success behind Charlène’s wardrobe.

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