Princess Claire: Surprising statements about her private life

Princess Claire
These statements about her private life are surprising

Princess Claire

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Children’s questions are often much more spicy than those of adults. Princess Claire also had to experience this when she attended a weekend school run by the non-profit TADA association in Schaerbeek. But Prince Laurent’s wife countered cleverly and skillfully. And during the illustrious question and answer session, she revealed some exciting details from her not-so-glamorous life as a princess.

At the behest of her mother-in-law, Queen Paola of Belgium, 85, Princess Claire, 49, was a guest at the weekend school of the non-profit TADA association in Schaerbeek, where children and teenagers from socially disadvantaged families are supported in their learning. The kids were able to elicit some exciting information from her about her life as part of the royal family. How much does a princess actually make, Claire?

Princess Claire also faces awkward questions

How does a real princess live? In a castle? The children were keenly interested in the wife of Prince Laurent, whose mother is the Queen of Belgium. A kid asked Claire how many bodyguards she had. Quite a plausible question. But the 49-year-old’s answer is surprising: “Normally none, but I have one here because I represent Queen Paola.” Princess Claire’s life seems to be less glamorous than we thought.

The native British woman also does not avoid unpleasant questions on the day. She even answers the question of her salary, which many royals tend to avoid, very clearly. She deserves “nothing” as a princess. She adds: “My husband gets an allowance. That means a lot of money to work as a prince. But I don’t work as a princess as a matter of principle. Today I’m there to represent my mother-in-law, Queen Paola. That’s all.”

A “normal” princess

Although she belongs to the Belgian royal family through her marriage to Prince Laurent, her life is still largely normal, reports the mother of three. “In my case, it’s not much different from the normal life of a normal person, with its joys and problems. Except sometimes I get recognized on the street.” There is one thing, however, which commoners are permitted but which is forbidden to them. “I’m not allowed to swear in public,” jokes Princess Claire, completely convincing the children.

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