Princess Delphine: First official appearance with the Belgian royals

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She will be there for the first time on the national holiday

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The Belgians celebrate their national holiday on July 21st. An event that traditionally cannot be missed by the royal family. Although some of its members are not on the guest list this year, two special names stand out.

Now she seems to have officially arrived in the Belgian royal family. Princess Delphine, 53, and her husband Jim O’Hare are on the court’s guest list for the national day. A sign that the artist is finally gaining the long-awaited acceptance for which she has fought for so long. It should be her first real appearance as Royal after she was officially recognized as the daughter of King Albert (87) in October 2020.

Princess Delphine: So far no official date with the family

As early as February 2021, the illegitimate daughter of the monarch from the relationship with Baroness Sybille de Sélys Longchamps (79) in Laeken remembered the deceased family members, but without meeting her new royal family. This now includes not only Delphine and her husband, but also their children, who, with their mother’s recognition as the king’s daughter, are now also allowed to bear titles. It is not known whether Princess Joséphine and Prince Oscar will now step onto the royal stage at the side of their parents.

This is how the royal family celebrates the national holiday

However, the course of the national holiday for the royal family is already certain: In the morning, King Philippe (61) and Queen Mathilde (48) will take part in the Te Deum service in the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula in Brussels. Princess Astrid, 59, and Prince Lorenz (65) will be in Hasselt, and Prince Laurent (57) in Mons.

In the evening, the royal couple visits the Farra Clerlande aid organization in Ottignies for people with disabilities and a hospital in Melsbroek. The Royals are expected to be accompanied by their children Prince Gabriel (17), Prince Emmanuel (15) and Princess Eléonore (13).

Princess Delphine meets Princess Elisabeth, but not her father

Her sister Princess Elisabeth (19), however, has other obligations. At the end of her military training, she will march in the parade on Palace Square in Brussels, which is being followed by her newly recruited Aunt Delphine.

However, anyone who hopes that the family newcomer and his father will stand side by side in harmony in the face of the public could experience disappointment. King Albert and Queen Paola (83) have not taken part in a single national holiday since the change at the head of the monarchy in 2013. Hopefully, meetings with dolphins will take place from time to time behind closed palace doors.

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