Princess Diana: Podcast “Last Days of Diana” explores her last days

Princess Diana
The Last Days of Diana podcast explores her final days

Princess Diana died in 1997 after a car accident.

© imago / Sven Simon

Even 24 years later, there are still numerous speculations about the death of Princess Diana. Now a Paris doctor speaks up.

MonSef Dahman was on the last legs of his shift on August 31, 1997 at around 2 a.m. when a young woman with serious injuries was admitted to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. It was only after some time that the young surgeon found out who the patient was: Princess Diana (1961-1997), who had recently been involved in a traffic accident in a tunnel.

The doctor is one of several eyewitnesses from the night of Diana’s death who in the podcast “Last Days of Diana” (Eng. “The last days of Diana”) have a say. The doctor still remembers the tragic night 24 years ago in detail and now wants to make it clear that he and the other treating doctors tried everything possible to save Princess Diana. They fought hard, but nothing helped bring Diana back to life, the doctor recalls. “We couldn’t save them. That hit us very much,” said Dahman, describing the situation at the time.

For the six-part podcast series, Daily Mail journalist Steven Wright scrolled through thousands of files and documents and interviewed people related to the night of Diana’s death. As the “Daily Mail” writes, Many of the witnesses featured on the podcast have never spoken publicly about the fateful summer weekend of 1997, including Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, investigator into Diana’s death. At the time, he asked Prince Charles (72) about the circumstances of the accident. The first episode of the podcast will go online on June 21, 2021. There should be a new episode every Monday.