Princess Diana: What would she think of her sons’ conflict?

Princess Diana († 36)
What would she make of her sons’ conflict?


How would Princess Diana feel about the falling out between her sons William and Harry? Royal expert James Patterson has a guess.

It is no longer a secret that there is a crack in the relationship between Prince William, 40, and his brother Prince Harry, 37. Ahead of the release of his book Diana, William & Harry, royal biographer James Patterson spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how Princess Diana, † 36, would deal with her sons’ broken relationship.

Princess Diana: Harry is similar to his mother in this respect

Patterson is sure the former princess would be saddened by her sons’ breakup. “I think that would make them really sad because they were so close as kids and then…Will obviously decided he had to stick with tradition and the crown and the royals and then Harry broke it,” she said he.

James Patterson suspects Diana could have understood Harry’s decision to break away from his family. She herself did not fit into the royal world, she was always a “free spirit”. A little anecdote about the princess, which Patterson tells the TV show, also shows that she broke with royal habits: “She spent all the time with her children, sleeping on the floor and in the hospital when they were injured. Queen Elizabeth didn’t get it because it wasn’t like that in the royal family. She said: “I don’t get it. There are millions of maids who can do that’.”

Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry

Princess Diana with her sons William and Harry on their skiing holiday in Lech, Austria, in 1993.

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Diana would have understood both sides

But Diana would have understood William’s point of view. “[…] She would have understood Will’s way too. She was that kind of person. She wasn’t terribly biased,” Patterson said.

When it comes to the brothers’ relationship, the biographer is optimistic about the future. “I’d be surprised if she didn’t reconcile at some point.” Princess Diana would certainly have wished that her sons would soon get along again.

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