Princess Ingrid Alexandra is 18: The royals congratulate so emotionally

Princess Ingrid Alexandra
Emotional congratulations from the royals on their 18th birthday

Princess Ingrid Alexandra

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January 21, 2022 is certainly one of the most important days in the life of Princess Ingrid Alexandra: Norway’s heir to the throne turns 18. These royals congratulate her with emotional posts on social media.

The hours before Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s big day of honor were already exciting: she was allowed to give the “NRK” broadcaster a first TV interview, spoke about her love life for the first time and conquered Prince Haakon and Mama Princess with a sweet gesture at her first public appearance in Parliament without Papa Mette-Marit, both 48, straight into the hearts of Norwegians.

On January 21, 2022, the time had finally come: Ingrid Alexandra celebrated her coming of age – and with her many other royals who congratulated the heir to the throne on social media.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra turns 18: congratulate these royals

Congratulations from godmother Victoria and the Swedish royal family

The Swedish royal family sends the first birthday wishes. No wonder Ingrid Alexandra’s parents and Princess Victoria, 44, and her husband Prince Daniel, 48, have been close friends for years. On Instagram, the palace sends the following lines to a confirmation picture from 2019:

Today is Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway’s day of honor. […] The Crown Princess’ family [Victoria] should have attended the planned celebration of the official day in Oslo, but preparations have been postponed due to the pandemic. The Crown Princess sent congratulations to her goddaughter today, hoping to see each other again when the ceremony can go ahead.”

Sweet detail from the Danish royal family

The Danish royal family congratulates the princess just a few hours after the Swedes on Instagram – also with a confirmation photo, because Prince Frederik, 53, is Ingrid Alexandra’s godfather.

“On the occasion of the birthday, HRH the Crown Prince, who is the godfather to the Princess, along with the rest of the family, wished the birthday boy his best wishes. In connection with the Princess’ christening in 2004, Her Majesty the Queen signed an official monogram for the Princess , which Her Royal Highness has used ever since.”

Formal greetings from Norway

Almost at the same time, the Norwegian royal family also sent its future queen celebratory lines on Instagram – and refers to the honor that was bestowed on her today: “To mark the official day, Princess Ingrid Alexandra was present at today’s Cabinet meeting to observe how the Cabinet is proceeding under the leadership of the King.According to paragraph 37 of the constitution, only the next heir to the throne can sit in the cabinet with the king.The princess therefore had only an observing role.”

Princess Märtha Louise to Ingrid Alexandra: “I love you so much”

The congratulations from Ingrid Alexandra’s aunt Princess Märtha Louise, 50, are much more informal, but all the more heartfelt. She writes about a picture gallery with delightful private shots:

Congratulations on this day, you beautiful young woman.You are brave, funny, wise, thoughtful, vulnerable and crazy.I’m so glad we’re doing so well as a family.That we can laugh and cry together and talk about anything.I love you so much.We look forward to celebrating you big sometime soon!

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