Princess Kalina of Bulgaria: Sentenced to eight months probation after car accident

Princess Kalina of Bulgaria
Sentenced to eight months probation after car accident

Princess Kalina of Bulgaria

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In August 2023, Princess Kalina of Bulgaria was in a car accident, according to media reports. Now the daughter of the former Bulgarian Tsar Simeon is said to have been sentenced to eight months probation.

Bulgarian Princess Kalina is said to have been given an eight-month suspended sentence for driving under the influence of alcohol. This is now confirmed by the news portal “Novonite”.

Princess Kalina of Bulgaria: Drunk Driving?

The accident occurred on Saturday, August 19, 2023, shortly after 3 p.m. near the Hotel Mura in Borovets, Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Interior Ministry reported to the Spanish news agency “EFE” that a driver with 1.5 per mille of alcohol in his blood crashed into another vehicle while pulling out of a parking space. The identity of the person was not revealed, but numerous media outlets are said to have learned that it was Kalina, who was said to have previously gotten food from a restaurant.

Kitín Muñoz defended his wife

Her husband Kitín Muñoz, 65, denied the allegations to the TV station “bTV” at the time. “She may have had a glass of wine, but it’s not alcohol. It’s nothing. The incident is minor,” he fumed.

But now, according to Novonite, the court in Samokov has decided to sentence the daughter of Simeon II, 86, the last tsar of the Kingdom of Bulgaria, to eight months of probation. She also received a fine of BGN 200 (about 102.25 euros) and a large payment of more than 17,000 BGN (more than 8,692 euros) to cover the damage caused by the car accident, it said. The princess will also be banned from driving for the duration of her probation. Lawyer Ina Lulcheva, who represents Princess Kalina, said she cooperated fully with the court throughout the proceedings.

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