Princess Madeleine: Hof reveals details about her birthday party

Princess Madeleine
Hof reveals details about her birthday party

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Two days after her tenth wedding anniversary, Princess Madeleine had another reason to celebrate: she turned 41! The Swedish court announced details about her birthday party.

It was an important week for the Swedish royal family: on June 6, 2023, the national holiday was celebrated, on June 8 Princess Madeleine, 41, and Chris O’Neill, 48, celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. Two days later the next great occasion: Madeleine’s 41st birthday. But how did the princess spend her special day? And with whom?

Celebration without family? Palace comments on Princess Madeleine’s day of honor

The Swedish court itself provides the answers. “She is being celebrated privately with the family, and today is also her wedding anniversary, which she is also celebrating privately,” Margareta Thorgren, the court’s head of information, told Illu on Thursday, June 8 Known as “Svensk Damtidning”. However, the head of information does not reveal which family members celebrated exactly – not everyone had the whole day. On the evening of June 10, Queen Silvia, 79, and King Carl Gustaf, 77, with Crown Princess Victoria, 45, and Prince Daniel, 49, were at an official appointment “in Stockholm’s Old Town to hear a concert version of the opera ‘Gustaf Wasa’ at the Swedish Academy,” the palace announced. According to “Svensk Damtidning”, the event lasted from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

41st birthday in Sweden

Nevertheless, the royals will have done everything possible to toast their new year with Princess Madeleine – after all, she is still in Sweden. “At the moment I can say that they are with their family in Sweden,” Margareta Thorgren told “Svensk Damtidning”. However, Thorgren does not want to reveal how long the family of five will remain in Sweden. What is certain, however, is that Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill and their three children will finally move back to Stockholm from Florida by August of this year at the latest and will finally be turning their backs on their adopted home in the USA.

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