Princess Sarah nostalgia quiz: save her from her misfortunes in 7 questions!

A whole generation has crushed more than once a few tears in front of the misfortunes of poor Princess Sarah, whose misadventures were broadcast in France in 1987. How well do you know the animated series? Take the test!

We no longer count the animated series, Japanese or not, which have had a lasting impact on our childhood, whether we were born in the 70s, 80s or 90s: Cobra, Inspector gadget, Cosmocats, Mask, Princess Sarah, Jeanne and Serge, Ken the survivor, Denver the last dinosaur, Nicky Larson, Lady Oscar, Olive & Tom, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Ulysses 31… The list is almost endless.

Broadcast for the first time in Japan in 1985 and in France in 1987, the cartoon Princess Sarah takes place in 19th century England. We follow the adventures of Sarah Crewe, the heroine, an eight-year-old girl with a French mother and an English father.

A father who made his fortune mining in India. But Sarah’s world comes crashing down when she learns of her beloved father’s death. Sarah is now an orphan and above all ruined. The princess of the English boarding school for young girls where her father had left her, will become a maid of all trades, and mistreated… No more luxury, she must now work and, worse, endure the bullying and mockery of her exes -comrades. But Sarah keeps a small, valiant light deep inside her…

It is an understatement to say that a whole generation has more than once crushed a few tears in front of the misfortunes of poor Sarah, enduring without flinching bullying and mockery from the unbearable director of the boarding school, the horrible Mademoiselle Mangin. The episodes of this cult series were punctuated, remember, by a wonderful credits sung by Cristina d’Avena, whose first musical notes recall India, the country of Sarah’s heart…

Here is a little quiz to revive the memory of this wonderful animated series!

By the way, do you remember how it ended? Having inherited a substantial fortune, Sarah made a donation to the boarding school, and came to pick up Becky to make her her companion. Then leaving again for India to meditate on the tomb of her parents, she reviewed her past on the deck of the ship taking her to her new destiny; happy this time.

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