Princess Sofia: Health problems! Hof cancels appointment

Princess Sofia
Hof cancels appointment at the last minute

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Royal news from all over the world in the GALA ticker: Princess Sofia cannot take part in the sports gala +++ Ari Behn’s (†) last love got married.

Royal news from all over the world in the GALA ticker

January 22, 2024

Princess Sofia cannot attend the sports gala

A month ago had Princess Sofia, 39, shown in public for the last time. It was all the greater joy that, after several weeks of abstinence, she was showing at the Idrottsgalan, the annual gala for talented Swedish athletes, on January 22nd. It’s almost a tradition that Sofia shows up at the sports gala with Prince Daniel, 50, and Prince Carl Philip, 44. But the court has to cancel their participation from the calendar at very short notice. The 39-year-old has had it pretty bad.

“Unfortunately, the princess had to cancel due to a bad cold. Out of consideration for the other guests, Sofia is staying at home,” explains Johan Tegel, the court’s deputy information director, to “Svensk Damtidning”. According to the Swedish newspaper, Stephan Rimér, organizer of the gala, only found out about it on the day of the event. Daniel and Carl Philip will each present two awards without their female accompaniment.

Ari Behn (†): His last love Ebba got married

On December 25, 2019, everything changed for ex-wife Princess Märtha Louise, 52, their three daughters and his last girlfriend Ebba Ryst Heilmann: On Christmas Day a good four years ago, Ari Behn took his own life at the age of 47. Since then, his loved ones have been trying to live with the great loss and look forward. Heilmann has now started a new chapter – and got married.

A few years after Ari Behn’s death, Ebba Ryst Heilmann, who had known Behn since childhood, found new love in Lars Haugland Fjellbakk. He supported her during one of the hardest times of her life. Their daughter Ellie was born in 2022. Now the couple have vowed eternal love, as Ebba revealed to the Norwegian newspaper “Se og Hør”. She says about the time after saying yes: “The first week was absolutely fantastic! We took a few days off at home in Kilsund, went for a walk in the wintry weather and ate in the house.” It is “a magical feeling to be married.” The newlywed couple are “very happy” to have found each other – a person “with whom they want to be together forever.”

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