Princess Sofia + Prince Carl Philip: appointment at a distance! That’s what lies behind it

Royal news from all over the world in the GALA ticker: Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip attend the same appointment separately +++ Duchess Meghan receives support from actress Melissa McCarthy +++ Queen Camilla mourns the loss in close surroundings.

Royal news from all over the world in the GALA ticker

April 23, 2024

New photo of Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip causes astonishment

Princess Sofia, 39, and Prince Carl Philip, 44, keep royal fans updated on their engagement and royal obligations on their official Instagram account. But the couple’s latest social media post causes irritation at first glance. Sofia and her husband share a recording from a recent appointment that they both attended – but at the same time apart from each other. This is a video conference with Australia’s eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant.

As is easy to see, the prince and princess are not sitting in the same room. Both joined the video call separately. While the 39-year-old sits in front of a decorated wall with an impressive wooden sideboard, Carl Philip appears to be calling from the road. The portrait format shows that he is obviously taking part with his cell phone. His outfit also suggests this: the 44-year-old is wearing his jacket and holding his cell phone as if he were taking part in the call while walking.

Apparently the royal didn’t want to miss the appointment with Julie Inman Grant. No wonder, after all, the Commissioner for Child Safety on the Internet is committed. A topic that the prince couple has been addressing for a long time with their “Prinsparets Stiftelse” foundation. [z. Dt.: Stiftung des Prinzenpaares] dedicated. The official homepage says: “The Internet has a lot of good things to offer, and that’s exactly why we are committed to a safer online life. Children and young people are particularly vulnerable to the insecurities that can exist online. For many, the consequences are of hatred, threats, bullying or harassment serious and lasting.” Australia is a pioneer when it comes to online security. It is the first government agency in the world to take on the fight against online risk and harm.


April 22, 2024

Duchess Meghan “threatening”? Hollywood star Melissa McCarthy defends Royal

Duchess Meghan, 42, has been dividing opinions ever since she left royal duties. Some love her for her self-confidence and courage, others view her with suspicion – to put it mildly – because she and Prince Harry, 39, caused the British monarchy to be in turmoil by turning away from the crown and subsequent sensational interviews. The former actress polarizes and has to put up with a lot. Her closest circle of friends and mom Doria Ragland, 67, are her anchor during this turbulent time. But now she also receives unexpected help from a Hollywood star. Melissa McCarthy, 53, stands by King Charles’s daughter-in-law, 75, and is dismayed by the hatred the mother of two is receiving.

“It annoys me for every woman and every person that people attack them for no reason,” the “Gilmore Girls” actress explained in an interview with “Page Six” last week at the premiere of the Broadway musical “Suffs.” surprised: “A smart, interesting woman who has her own life seems incredibly threatening to some people for some reason.” Melissa, on the other hand, seems completely alien to such negative thoughts. “I always think: How inspiring! I’ve never been threatened by someone amazing. I just think, how inspiring. It’s really because of the people who are spreading the hate.” The Duchess of Sussex is “wonderful” and “great,” emphasized the actress.

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Meghan and Melissa may not be close confidants, but the two have already had a high-profile point of contact: In 2021, McCarthy appeared in a video clip for the royal’s 40th birthday and discussed the “40×40” campaign with her in a funny dialogue. attentive. Harry’s wife apparently won the heart of the “Bridesmaids” star through this campaign – and hasn’t lost it to this day.

Queen Camilla mourns the loss of a close friend

Another stroke of fate for Queen Camilla, 76. After both her husband King Charles, 75, and her daughter-in-law Catherine, Princess of Wales, 42, fell ill with cancer, she now has to cope with a bereavement in those close to her. As “Daily Mail” reports, Sir Chippendale Keswick died on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at the age of 84. The banker belonged to the Royal’s circle of friends. His wife, Lady Sarah Keswick, 78, is one of her “Queen’s Companions”, the circle of women who replaced the ladies-in-waiting of her late mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth, † 96, and are at her side on appointments and trips.

Camilla has had a decades-long friendship with the Cheswicks. After her divorce from Andrew Parker Bowles, 84, she made her first appearance with Charles at Sarah’s 50th birthday party at the Ritz in 1995. The Queen is a regular guest at the friend and her husband’s Sutherland estate, often accompanied by her husband. “Sarah brings [den König] “laughable,” a friend revealed after she was named one of the queen’s consorts.

The younger daughter of the 16th Earl of Dalhousie and wife of ‘Chips’, as her late husband was called, Camilla shared a passion for racing. The royal even teamed up with the esteemed friend and acquired a horse bred by Queen Elizabeth with the auspicious name “And Reach For The Moon”. No further details are yet known about the cause of Sir Chippendale Keswick’s death.

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