Princess Sofia: Radiant mini comeback from baby break

Princess Sofia
She is returning from maternity leave for this important topic

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There is a close bond between Princess Sofia and Queen Silvia. The two women can rely on each other, especially when it comes to their two heartfelt issues, child protection.

Princess Sofia, 36, is back from maternity leave. She gave birth to her third child on March 26, 2021. Son Julian completes the family happiness of the new mom with Prince Carl Philip, 41, and their almost big boys Alexander, 5, and Gabriel, 3. Although their youngest offspring is just under four weeks in the world, the 36-year-old still has her work now resumed. Together with Queen Silvia, 77, Sofia shows herself at an official virtual appointment – and enchants the participants with her radiance.

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Princess Sofia: A short baby break for an important cause

The fresh-looking Princess Sofia smiles as she follows the greeting of the Swedish ombudswoman for children Elisabeth Dalin, as shown by a screenshot on the court’s Instagram channel. However, the Ombudsman and her staff informed Sofia and mother-in-law Silvia of a serious situation. The agency recently published its annual report. “Not everyone takes responsibility” is the rather worrying title of the report, which focuses on the rights of children in the social crisis triggered by the corona pandemic.

Sofia is committed to child protection

The subject moves Sofia. On March 18, shortly before the delivery of her youngest child, the heavily pregnant woman had her first appointment in this group. Her participation on yesterday, Thursday (April 22, 2021) was obviously a need for her. In the Swedish press she caused astonishment “The princess will be at home with her newborn child for some time. But today’s meeting was about a topic that the princess is very committed to and that is why she and the queen took part in it”, explains the information manager of the court, Margareta Thorgren, when asked by the “Svensk Damtidning”.

All potential critics of the energetic mom can lean back and relax. Sofia only briefly interrupted her baby break because she not only cares about her own children, but also those of her Swedish compatriots.

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