Princess Sofia: This is how she protects her son Prince Julian

Princess Sofia
This is how she protects her son Prince Julian

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In everyday life with three small children things often go haywire. For Princess Sofia, 38, it is also important to do justice to her “job” as a princess. She still avoids the help of nannies if possible. The well-being of their children is their top priority. She especially protects Prince Julian, 2, who is only two years old, like a mother lion.

Prince Julian grows up without a title

The youngest child of the Swedish royal family was born in 2021. It was decided then that he would be born without a title. Although he is a prince, like his brothers Prince Alexander, 7, and Prince Gabriel, 6, he does not have the title of Royal Highness.

This means that one day he can lead a completely normal life and choose a profession and does not have to take on public offices or tasks in the service of the crown. He will also not receive an allowance as a result. “This gives them more choices in their lives, they can decide on training or work,” Prince Carl Philip, 44, reacted calmly to the decision of his father, King Carl Gustaf, 77.

This is how Princess Sofia protects her baby from the public

The children are still often present at family celebrations and major royal events. Alexander and Gabriel recently attended the celebrations on the occasion of the monarch’s 50th anniversary on the throne. Her younger brother, however, was conspicuous by his absence – as is so often the case. He was only present in the official photos of the royal family. At two years old, the little prince is simply too young for such a big event, the Swedish magazine “Svensk Damtidning” also speculates.

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip have made a decision that many parents can probably understand: They want to protect their youngest child, after all, large crowds, cheering and hustle and bustle could quickly overwhelm him. We remember the excited appearance of the young Prince Louis, 5, at the platinum jubilee of his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth, †96, last year.

Maybe we’ll see more of Prince Julian soon when he gets to his brothers’ age. Royal fans would certainly be happy.

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