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News about the royals in the GALA ticker: Princess Victoria & Co. spent the holidays with their parents-in-law +++ King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia have Covid +++ Prince Joachim feels very grateful to his wife.

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January 5, 2022

Princess Victoria & Co .: They celebrated Christmas with Daniel’s family

Finally there was a reunion: Sweden’s heir to the throne spent the Christmas days with the family of Prince Daniel, 48, as the court confirmed to the magazine “Svensk Damtidning”. However, it is unclear whether the meeting took place in his hometown of Ockelbo. The number of corona infections there had already skyrocketed before the holidays. Nevertheless, Princess Victoria, 44, and her husband have decided to unwrap the presents with Princess Estelle, 9, and Prince Oscar, 5, as well as grandma and grandpa.

During the pandemic, the royals had to forego many family visits – also to protect Daniel’s parents Ewa, 77, and Olle Westling, 76. But now the family could finally enjoy the most beautiful festival of the year together again.

January 4, 2022

King Carl Gustaf + Queen Silvia: You have Corona

Worrying news from the Swedish palace: King Carl Gustaf, 75, and his wife, Queen Silvia, 78, are said to have tested positive for the corona virus on January 3, 2022, according to the royal family’s official website.

However, the royal couple was fully vaccinated with three injections and had only mild symptoms. They are doing well under the circumstances. King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia have been isolating themselves in their homes since then, the palace continues, and the tracking of the chain of infection is in full swing.

Prince Joachim: His wife saved his life

Prince Joachim, 52, suffered a stroke in July 2020 and had to undergo emergency surgery. Princess Marie, 45, was solid as a rock during this difficult time. “I’m fine, I’m completely healthy again,” he said in a joint conversation with his wife to the daily newspaper “Berlingske” and addressed loving words to the 45-year-old: “I was very lucky the whole time. I owe that to you. “

Marie was on the spot as soon as the life-threatening symptoms became apparent – and did not leave his side in the time that followed. “I wouldn’t be sitting here if it wasn’t for my wife. You were the first to help me. It wasn’t a turning point in my life, but an exclamation point.” Joachim is clear that it was a terrifying experience, also for those around him. Marie was immediately aware that she had to act quickly. The memories of those terrible moments are still alive for her today: “It changed my view of life. I have always known that life is fragile, but I never thought that it would catch up with me in this way.”

January 3, 2022

Princess Victoria looks on TV series about royalty with concern

This idea gives Princess Victoria, 44, unpleasant goose bumps down her back. The television broadcaster TV4 is currently planning the production of a Swedish version of the great Netflix hit “The Crown”. This is the first time Crown Princess Victoria, 44, has spoken out about the prospect of being played by an actress. In an interview with the Swedish daily “Svenska Dagbladet” (SVD), Victoria left little in doubt that she did not find the idea particularly tempting: “For the person portrayed, it always feels rather strange. How should something like that be right? “It’s difficult to deal with, especially if the people are still alive,” she explains her skepticism towards the TV project.

So far, the plan is supposed to tell the story of the Swedish royal family from the birth of King Carl Gustaf, 75. His growing up, the time as heir to the throne up to his accession to the throne and his reign. Two seasons have been announced so far. The premiere should take place in 2022. However, it is not yet known whether and which actors have already been signed. However, screenwriter Åsa Lantz, 55, dreamed of Joel Kinnaman, 42, playing King Carl Gustaf in 2021. Princess Victoria apparently does not even want to imagine being played by an actress: “I would prefer not to be portrayed by anyone,” she expresses her concerns. “Maybe I just went away for the whole first season,” she explains with a laugh.

When the public found out about the series plans in 2021, the royal family had already been informed. However, the royals also have to wait and see what to expect. Apparently they are not involved in the production plans.

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