Priscilla Presley: How lovingly she congratulates her granddaughter Riley

Priscilla Presley
She lovingly congratulates her granddaughter Riley

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Priscilla Presley, 79, finds kind words for her granddaughter. Today, Riley Keough, the daughter of her daughter Lisa Marie Presley (1968-2023), celebrates her 35th birthday. “Happy birthday to my beautiful and talented granddaughter Riley,” Presley said on the occasion on her Instagram account.

She also shared a video in which she addressed further personal words to the actress. She wished her a “very, very happy birthday. I admire her, I think she is very talented and I love spending time with her,” the ex-wife of Elvis Presley (1935-1977) raved about the birthday girl.

Fierce dispute over Lisa Marie Presley’s inheritance

Priscilla Presley’s relationship with her granddaughter was not always so loving. Last year, the two argued bitterly about Lisa Marie Presley’s inheritance after her daughter’s death. Shortly after her daughter’s sudden death, Presley contested the deceased’s will, in which her children Riley Keough and Benjamin Keough (1992-2020) were named as sole heirs.

After a court battle, Keough paid her grandmother $1 million in June 2023, as well as $400,000 to cover legal fees, as CNN and others reported. In return, she now owns all of her mother’s possessions – including the famous Elvis estate Graceland. The grandmother-granddaughter duo has since been reunited at public appearances.


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