Prison sentences – court was the last stop for fuel thieves

Two Georgians in Vorarlberg stole gas by the can and sped away with it. However, they didn’t count on the good memory of a gas station attendant in Innerbraz.

The series of thefts committed by the two criminal tourists lasted less time than expected. Because after three days of free gas pumps at various gas stations in Vorarlberg, the handcuffs clicked on September 3rd – at the gas station in Innerbraz, of all places, which the defendants had already visited at the beginning of their canister tour. Since then, the truck driver, who works in Georgia, and his The accomplice, who earned his living in a chocolate factory in Georgia until he went crazy, is in custody in the Feldkirch prison. It involves several canisters of fuel worth around 1,000 euros. “We had no money for gas and wanted to go home,” said the 46-year-old second defendant in the trial at the Feldkirch regional court on Thursday. In addition, they needed food, drink and cigarettes, adds the previously convicted person. Reselling stolen goods So they came up with the idea of ​​reselling the stolen fuel. But they don’t count on the good memory of a gas station employee in Innerbraz. He remembers the thieving people when they show up again two days later and alerts the police. The Georgians are then arrested and three filled canisters in the trunk of the car are confiscated. Judge Sabrina Tagwercher found the thieves guilty of commercial theft and sentenced them to seven months in prison. Five of them on probation.
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