Private Equity Investments: These are the advantages

Founding a blockchain start-up out of university is probably a dream for many young people with entrepreneurial ambitions. Vincent Amm, CEO and co-founder of tokenstreet, did not hesitate any longer and put this into practice with his fellow students. In the BTC-ECHO Experts Podcast, he talks about setting up an investment platform, the investment universe of private equity and the opportunities presented by the currently difficult macro situation.

The benefits of tokenization

Blockchain technology, and tokenization in particular, is helping to make hard-to-access asset classes more easily and economically accessible. This applies mainly to venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE). More and more companies are therefore trying to use digital securities to build products or product platforms that also give small investors the opportunity to swim with the “big ones”.

Private Equity and Venture Capital: Better Than Any MSCI World ETF?

The incentive to put your money in alternative investments is simple: the expectation of a high return. This is how Vincent Amm explains why PE and VC funds achieve better returns than most indices.

However, he also points to the staying power that investors need to have if they venture into this asset class. Those who do this in the current market environment can benefit from favorable valuations.

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