Pro X: Logitech G League of Legends Edition gaming headset review


  • Type: closed circumaural
  • Helmet :
    • Transducer: 50mm PRO-G hybrid with neodymium magnets
    • Response frequency: 20Hz – 20KHz
    • Impedance: 35 Ohms
  • Microphone:
    • Response frequency: 100Hz – 8KHz
    • Type: detachable
  • Connection: Wired
  • Weight : 320 g
  • Price : € 129
  • Guarantee: 2 year limited hardware warranty


Here is the composition of the box:

  • PRO gaming headset
  • Leatherette ear cushions with memory foam
  • External USB sound card
  • Detachable microphone
  • 2m cable with integrated volume and mute controls
  • Y-divider for separate microphone and headphone ports
  • User Documentation

Chassis and features

If we consider the whole edition League of Legends for Logitech G, the helmet is undoubtedly the one that offers the most successful design. The model chosen for this collaboration being the Pro X, usually black, it is very easy to understand the modifications and the interest of the product for this partnership.


As told, the Pro X loses its sober appearance to take advantage of a frame in the colors of League of Legends. If the latter are not necessarily unanimous as to the color and the elements chosen, it goes without saying that this is the peripheral, the edition, which offers the best visual rendering. Composed of a sturdy and light frame combining aluminum and steel, the finishes and chamfers confirm the professionalism of the construction.

Regarding the adjustment, we find the pivot at the level of the atria with a limited negative angle of rotation. What is more, the adaptation to your face morphology will be done thanks to the twist of the hoop since no pivot link allows movement. For the rest, the standards are kept with height adjustment notches for a headband equipped with comfortable memory foam.

Finally, the Pro X headset is simple and devoid of any on-the-fly functionality and located on the ear cups. All the knobs and buttons available are on the designated connection cables. It is thus possible to connect the headset to your computer, by means of the sound card present with the product, but also your telephone or your consoles. What gain in versatility of use.

Foams and ear cups

This is almost a standard for Logitech which offers cushions equipped with memory foam for a noticeable comfort of use. To overcome any eventuality, the manufacturer also offers a pair of fabric earpieces according to the appreciation of each. We note that the imitation leather benefits from a colder rendering unlike the fabric, which also makes a choice depending on the season.

To continue in the process of popularizing its products, the ear cups of the headphones Logitech have markings to notify the left of the right. These are easy to remove and, for the most destructive among you, they can be ordered directly on the manufacturer’s website.



In order to take advantage of great versatility, the microphone of the Pro X is detachable. It has an anti-pop foam which is welcome especially when you know that it is the element that is often lacking in headsets. If the rendering is not perfect, it is still very professional and well beyond the competition. You will have to spend a little time on the configurations to tame the range of possibilities.

Of course, we remind you that it is almost impossible to obtain the same rendering as a microphone on stand. However, with the software Logitech and the association with Blue, the manufacturer gives the possibility of adjusting many points on your microphone. If that’s not enough, a plethora of presets are available in the software. Here is an example of using the headphones in stream, to give you a more detailed idea of ​​the quality of the microphone.

Sound side

Unsurprisingly, the quality Logitech is at the rendezvous. Depending on the headset used before, it is possible to have the feeling of recoil, as if the sound is coming from a little further. However, do not panic, the quality takes control quickly and the space / vacuum created in the atria allows a good distribution of ambient sound. The impression that we are listening to music or sound effects coming directly from a room and not from headphones. Combined with the quality and comfort of the chassis / earcups combo and very good sound insulation, the PRO X headphones allow you a pleasant and professional immersion. The balance between treble, bass and medium is respected for a sound eurythmy.


The software

This is the G-HUB, the default software for all devices Logitech G. It is however interesting to note that all peripherals go through this software to avoid changing with each new product. This precision may seem logical, yet many manufacturers continue to multiply research software. Finally, it easily recognizes connected equipment allowing a very pleasant plug and play.

As you can see above, the G-HUB software allows a complete configuration of your headset whether it is the audio part as a microphone with, as a bonus, an impressive number of pre-recorded configurations for those who do not. are not familiar with manual modification. Enough to spend many, many hours finding the setting that best suits your method of use.

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