Probably involved in the Capitol storm: Olympic swimming champion was part of Trump's mob

Probably involved in Capitol Storm
Olympic swimming champion was part of Trump's mob

The storm on the US Capitol has shocked many athletes in the United States. A double Olympic champion probably even took part. Ex-swimmer Klete Keller is believed to be part of Donald Trump's mob on video recordings.

An Olympic swimming champion was apparently also involved in the storming of the US Capitol in Washington. Video recordings of the attack by militant supporters of the still-President Donald Trump suggest that the American Klete Keller was part of the angry mob. The 38-year-old won the gold medal in the 4 x 200 m freestyle relay with the record Olympic champion Michael Phelps in 2004 and 2008, and he also won bronze in the 400 m in 2000 and 2004. He won the relay silver once.

Several US media reports that Keller was recognized on the video material. You can see a tall man who wears a tracksuit from the US Olympic team and looks very much like the swimmer. It is not clear from the picture whether he was involved in violence. Last Wednesday, angry supporters of the elected Trump stormed the Capitol in the US capital, five people were killed in the riots.

The specialist magazine "Swimming World" reports that Keller is a loyal supporter of Trump and has publicly acknowledged the elected US president in the past. However, his channels in social media have been deleted or can no longer be accessed. The magazine also writes that Keller was not arrested and is not on the police wanted lists.

Many other US athletes reacted in horror to the storm of supporters Trump on the Capitol and denounced an obvious inequality of treatment. In contrast to the security of the government buildings in the summer because of the demonstrations under the motto "Black Lives Matter", he saw neither the army nor the National Guard, said the coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, Doc Rivers.

The basketball professionals of the Boston Celtics around national player Daniel Theis and runner-up Miami Heat had kneeled while playing the national anthem before their game. In addition, the players published a joint statement. "The drastic difference between the way protesters were treated last spring and summer and the encouragement given to protesters today who have acted illegally shows how much more work we have to do," it said.