Prodigal Son: Production will be discontinued after the second season

Prodigal Son
Production will be discontinued after the second season

Tom Payne plays a criminal psychologist in “Prodigal Son – The Murderer in You” who supports the New York police in solving murder cases.

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“Prodigal Son – The murderer in you” will not get a third season. The US broadcaster Fox has now announced the end of the crime series.

The crime series “Prodigal Son – The Murderer in You” will be canceled after the end of the second season. Now report that several US media, including industry site “Deadline”. Accordingly, the season finale should run on May 18 on the US broadcaster Fox. The series with “The Walking Dead” actor Tom Payne (38) in the lead role recently achieved only low ratings. Therefore, the broadcaster should have decided against a continuation of the drama.

The production, in which Michael Sheen (52) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (51) can be seen, got off to a promising start in September 2019. In the long run, however, the series was apparently unable to convince the majority of viewers. The first season was broadcast on German free TV on Sat.1 in 2020 and can be accessed via Amazon Prime Video.

Michael Sheen as a notorious serial killer

In “Prodigal Son” Payne plays the criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright, whose father (Michael Sheen) is a famous serial killer. To help the New York police decipher murder cases, Bright needs help – can his father help him?