Production prices in French industry increased by 0.8% in August 2023

According to a press release from the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee) published at 8:45 a.m., the French industrial production price index (IPPI) stood at 136.2 points in August 2023 (base 100 in 2015). Thus, production prices increased by 0.8% over one month and fell by 3.1% over one year.

In July, they were down 0.4% over one month and down 1.5% over one year, to 135.1. Note that the index has just been revised by INSEE.

What you need to know about this indicator: Industry production price indices measure changes in production prices for goods and services. They are calculated every month by INSEE. They are used in particular by economists to establish their analyzes and forecasts. In national accounts, they make it possible to identify the sharing between the evolution of activity in volume and that of prices. Companies can also use them to index contracts or analyze their competitiveness compared to the competition.

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