Professional tips for making pancakes easily

Basic pancakes, that we know how to do. Well, not the first, but we pretty much master it. Well, precisely, it is this "roughly" that it is a question of getting rid of. Pierre-Etienne Léonard, Maitre Crêpier and trainer at the Maitre Crêpier Cuisinier School in Rennes, answers our questions, even the most silly, and gives us his little advice. So who's the pancake boss (soon)?

Do you really have to let the dough rest?

Yes it is really recommended. Allowing the pancake batter to rest (as with all pastas that use wheat flour), helps prevent the elasticity of the product after cooking and therefore obtain smooth and homogeneous pancakes.

How to lighten your dough and get light and crispy pancakes?

To lighten the dough, you can gently incorporate snow whites into it.
But in order to get really crispy pancakes, you need to bake the pancake for 30 to 40 seconds, brushing it with butter and sugar.

Why do we put beer in the pancake batter?

You can put beer in the dough to lighten it and flavor it according to the beer. This helps to get crispy pancakes.

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If you don't have a pancake pan, how do you go about making pancakes?

In this case, it is best to use a fairly large pan and distribute the dough evenly. And whose bottom is obviously not damaged.

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At what temperature (thermostat level) should you cook your pancakes?

For wheat pancakes, the best temperature is between 210 ° and 220 ° C, thermostat 6/7.
For black wheat pancakes or pancakes (buckwheat), it is necessary to rise between 230 ° and 240 ° C, thermostat 7/8.

For your convenience, use a portable billig (pro plate), such as the one from Lagrange for less than 100 €.

Is the first necessarily a failure?

Often, but this is not systematic, it depends on the resting time of the dough, the greasing of the crepe maker and the cooking temperature.

Is baking pancakes more difficult?

It is almost the same as pancakes, the cooking temperature is higher. It is recommended to let the first side cook for 30 seconds and the second side for 10 seconds.

Do you have any other tips and advice for our readers?

It is important to grease the crepe maker well between each patty with lard or oil.
The use of Rozell (this kind of wooden spatula that has the shape of a solid rake, editor's note) requires know-how that is more or less easy to acquire depending on the dexterity.

Good to know : The School of Maîtres Crêpiers & Cuisiniers de Rennes offers one-day lessons for amateurs on Saturdays.
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