professionalism and emotion on the program for the Accor Arena concert event

More than four months after saying goodbye to the Star Academy, the former students of the promotion transcended themselves on the stage of the Accor Arena, this Saturday, June 8.

Seven months ago, thirteen apprentice artists took over the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, their heads full of dreams. They took dance, singing and stage expression lessons and performed on stage for three months. Star Academy season 11 was a real success. The enthusiasm was such that the scheduled tour increased from twenty to 75 dates. Benjamin Jourdain, director of Arachnée Productions, the company in charge of the tour, said a few words on this subject at Parisian. He explained : “The program is strong but we did not expect such a phenomenon.”

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This Saturday, June 8, Julien, Djebril, Lénie, Héléna, Candice and Axel and Pierre, the big winner of the last edition of the Star Academy, met their audience at the Accor Arena in Paris. The concert event was broadcast live on TF1. The show provided by the former students took place at an ardent pace. Djibril Lenie, Candice opened the ball with Fly Me (by Jean-Jacques Goldman). The students were vocal from the start and lost none of their panache during their performance.

A high-flying spectacle

All the singers then sang the title At the end of my dreams, the anthem of the class of 2024, repeated every prime evening on the TF1 set. Then, Pierre Garnier covered Shallow in a duet with Héléna, a song sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the film A star is born.

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Lénie set out after her comrades on Dance the Night by Dua Lipa. A service that she delivered with a smile, unlike the first time she performed it on a prime. Dissatisfied with her performance, she cried with disappointment during a debrief. The opportunity to see the progress made over the months. Candice and Djebril lent him a hand on stage. And the three singers performed flawlessly, whether in terms of singing or choreography.

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Several surprises on the program

Julien and Héléna then focused on Salted popcorn of Santa. They were accompanied by the artist who joined them on stage. Héléna and Lénie found their godmother, the singer Vitaawith whom they sang On the flower of you, one of the successes of Slimane’s accomplice. On We are going to love each other, we were able to find Margot, Clara, Marie-Maud, Louis, Lola and Victorien, the six classmates of the singers. The thirteen candidates were gathered on the stage for a moment of emotion shared with the public.

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Pierre Garnier resumed his hit Those we were. He announced that ticket sales for his next tour will begin this Monday, June 10. He then hung the audience on his lips when he sang For you to love me again, an emblematic title by Celine Dion. Then the students lit up the stage by singing a medley of songs by the Jackson five and Michael Jackson: I want you back, Bad, Thriller. Axel announced the release of his first single: For the first time, on June 14. The performances followed one another at a frantic pace. Presenter Nikos Aliagas sang along with the young artists. The alumni demonstrated great professionalism throughout the evening, while making their way to the hearts of the audience.

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