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Prime Video is about to make available cult series that we really missed. On the movies side, we may well be spoiled as well.

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Prime Video continues to offer us on a silver platter the films and series of our childhood. A few months ago, we took stock of the vintage series available on the streaming platform. This was just an overview of what Prime Video is offering us during the month of July. Indeed, the streaming platform will offer new programs and it will mainly be 100% nostalgia series.


Glee is coming to Prime Video and that's all we need right now: dance, music and hits taken up like Ryan Murphy. From July 1, we will be able to find Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Darren Criss and so many others to resume our favorite songs.


We loved watching Malcolm on M6. It was our daily meeting every lunchtime. We ran out of school to watch the series which today has become cult. Since then, we miss Malcolm and his completely crazy family … Fortunately, from July 15, the series will be available on Prime Video for our pleasure.


In the family of cult series, we would like … X-Files. And yes, the essential program of the 90s will also be on Prime Video. You will understand: Prime Video has concocted a 100% nostalgia selection. Suffice to say that everyone who grew up in the 90s is delighted! With X-Files, we will be able to immerse ourselves in an unavoidable science fiction universe.

The Life of Adele

It was a film that had thrilled the whole world. The Life of Adele had received the Palme d'Or for its director and two actresses. A first in the history of the festival. The film highlighted the poignant love story between Adèle and Emma. We will finally be able to find this film on a streaming platform! Thank you Prime Video!

The Divergent Trilogy

The trilogy Divergent is one of those must-haves in teenage movies. Immerse yourself in this post-apocalyptic world with actress Shaileene Woodley who was revealed to the general public through this franchise.

The cult series that can be found on Amazon Prime Video

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