Prohibited baby names: Unusual first names that have been rejected by the registry office

Weird baby names
These children’s names were rejected by the registry office

Weird Baby Names: Not every parent’s idea is accepted by the registry offices.


Parents-to-be in Germany can choose between 500,000 names. Nevertheless, there are some first names that are too unusual even for the registry office and are rejected.

If there is a baby coming, the parents-to-be have many decisions to make: what color should the children’s room be painted in, which stroller is the best and of course: what should the baby be called?

Strange baby names: Knirpsi, Grand Duke or Chaotica?

The parents-to-be in Germany have a huge choice between classic and unusual first names. And yet the registry office has to reject some name ideas from the parents every year. We show you the most extraordinary in the video.

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