Project Cambria: a headset that could eventually replace our laptops

the Project Cambria is not today destined to replace the Meta Quest. This helmet, which we can identify as a “Quest Pro” is not intended to walk on the same flowerbeds as its big brothers. We suspected as much, but Mark Zuckerberg gave an update on the situation of his helmets.

It was when the group’s results were published Meta in the first quarter of 2022 that its CEO specified the target market for its next helmet.

On the hardware side, the Meta Quest 2 remains the market leader. Later this year, we’ll be launching a high-end headset, codenamed Project Cambria, which will be more focused on business use cases and will eventually replace your laptop or business setup.

This high-end device will have improved ergonomics and color mixed reality to seamlessly blend virtual reality with the physical world. We are also developing eye tracking and face tracking so your avatar can make eye contact and facial expressions, which greatly improves your sense of presence. It’s also a good example of why we develop hardware on top of social platforms.

We’re bringing Horizon to other platforms, but if you want to be able to make eye contact or automatically translate your physical facial expressions through your avatar in real time, our hardware will give you the best possible experience in the metaverse, whether you’re playing a game or meeting colleagues in Horizon Workrooms. We’ll be sharing more details about Project Cambria in the coming months as we prepare to launch it.

The Meta Quest therefore remain for today and for some time to come the reference gaming platform. It is therefore not yet time to move on to the next iteration. Meta is aware of this and even if the arrival of the Quest 2 sounded the death knell for users of the Quest 1many seeing it as a long-standing planned obsolescence, Mark Zuckerberg emphasizes with these words that the Project Cambria will be dedicated to professional use and will eventually replace your laptop.

Mean by this that this next helmet will have a more muscular configuration for deeper interactionssocial integration and AR also more evolved with the support of applications dedicated to work and collaboration, just like Horizon or the sequel Infinite Office. the cambria will also act as a technological showcase for the brand. It will not be affordable for all budgets either, as it is much more technologically advanced than its predecessors.including the addition of eye tracking, facial expressions, a pass-through colorful, new controllers without rings with a tracking integrated as well as lenses pancakes.

It is therefore unlikely that games currently reserved for Quest 1 and 2 be developed solely or at least reworked to run on the cambria under better conditions, because the market is clearly not the same. Professional applications, on the other hand, will see new opportunities open up.

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, you can treat yourself to a Oculus Quest 2 at the house of Bakerthe Fnac, Darty Where Amazon for €349.99.

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