Project Cambria: Meta’s next helmet reveals its potential on video

We were talking about it this morning in an article, Mark Zuckerberg had announced on his account Facebook want to reveal more details about the mixed reality possibilities offered by the next helmet of Metanamely the Project Cambria.

It is not today that we will know more about the availability of the next helmet of Metanor on its price, and even less that we will have the validation of its specificities hardware nor final visual of the helmet. Anyway, the CEO of the group had just revealed his intention to present in more detail the possibilities of mixed reality offered by the Project Cambria. As a reminder, it will not replace the range Quest that we all know, but will eye the professional world and would be able to eventually replace our laptops, while living with the next ones Quest which will arrive by 2023-2024.

First glimpse of mixed reality on our next headset named Project Cambria. This demo was created using Presence Platform, which we designed to help developers create mixed reality experiences that blend the physical and virtual worlds. The demo, titled The World Beyond, will soon be available on the App Lab. It’s even better with Color Passthrough and the other advanced technologies we’re adding to Project Cambria. More details soon.

In this short one-minute video, Mark Zuckerberg puts on the Project Cambria and tells us about the capabilities of the headset, including its view of the real world in color and its integration into the virtual world through technology pass-through, which only bodes well. A giant step has therefore been taken compared to the Quest 1 and 2 which today only offer a pass-through in black and white, and in low resolution. That provided by the new cameras offers a much more generous display finesse and without artifacts. We were able to try mixed reality and color on the Varjo XR-3 and the Lynxparticularly, during our escape to the living room Laval Virtualand it is true that it is a real comfort for our eyes and for immersion.

As a demonstration, Meta will as soon as next week go out on theApp Lab a demonstrative experience that exploits the potential of mixed reality, compatible in black and white on the Quest 1 and 2, and in color on the cambria. Named The World Beyondwe had already been able to glimpse its possibilities on Quest in a video posted last October. The experience uses the platforms of development Presence and Insighttwo libraries offering developers tools to more easily and efficiently develop mixed reality experiences that adapt to our physical space. The key is the possibility of interacting with the real environment and moving around in it in three dimensions, mapping it and understanding it (ceiling, walls, furniture, floors, etc.), thanks in particular to the functionality Scene Understanding.

There is no doubt that with these tools new experiences will emerge. In any case, Mark Zuckerberg encourages developers in this direction. We are already finding nuggets taking advantage of mixed reality, but it is true that the Project Cambria should be a game changer.

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