Project Dagger: People Can Fly breaks up with Take-Two, but game isn’t canceled

Famous for Painkiller, Bulletstorm, Gears of War: Judgment and more recently for Outriders, People Can Fly has several projects in development, including another title published by Square-Enix and a game supported by Take-Two Interactive. But the latter is floundering, the publisher leaves the project.

In a statement, People Can Fly announces the termination of its agreement with Take-Two Interactive regarding the edition of Project Daggeran action-adventure game in a new franchise, under development for two years by the team of CPF based in New York. People Can Fly explains that he will now speak with take two for‘establish the conditions for reimbursement of game fundingdepending on the distribution model: either the developer self-publishes and pays for everything, or another publisher takes over and reimburses the cost of take two. Whatever, CPF retain license rightsthat take two did not want to redeem. The developer indicates that the game is still in the pre-production phase, which means that it is not about to be released.

People Can Fly do not allow yourself to be disturbed by this separation and remember thathe has six other projects in development. the Project Gemini edited by Square-Enixthem Project Bifrost and Victoria self-published, Project Red in development and two virtual reality titles, namely Green Hell VR and another title based on one of its licenses. The studio still plans to release a game every year from 2024, either self-publishing or with a third-party publisher. You can find Outriders Worldslayergrouping the game and its extension, against €54.99 on Amazon.

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