Project to build border walls: “an absurdity” for Clément Beaune

Julien Holtzer
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12:27 p.m., January 23, 2022

Clément Beaune was the guest of the Grand Rendez-vous on Europe 1. Questioned by Sonia Mabrouk, the Secretary of State in charge of European Affairs took the opportunity to reaffirm France’s refusal regarding the possible construction of walls on European borders in the face of this “absurdity”.

Faced with the influx of migrants, for the past few weeks, the project to build a wall at the European borders continues to grow. The Polish Parliament also validated, last October, a government project to build a wall to control the arrival of migrants from Belarus. The cost of the wall is estimated at 353 million euros and it must extend over more than 100 kilometers on the border between the two countries. The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, had extinguished any conflagration in the face of the controversy, by specifying that the European Union “would not finance barbed wire walls”

“To place barricades as high as possible, an absurdity”

Guest of the Grand Rendez-Vous on Europe 1, Clément Beaune returned to this bubbling news. The Secretary of State for European Affairs reaffirmed France’s refusal to position itself in favor of the possible construction of walls at European borders. “Having police officers who hold borders very well, with means of surveillance, cameras, elements that protect a border, yes”, he declared at the microphone of Sonia Mabrouk before adding: “Place barricades as high as possible, as wide as possible, which will enclose Europe and protect it completely. I think that is nonsense”.

Clément Beaune took the opportunity to tackle Valérie Pécresse, the Republican presidential candidate, favorable, for her part, to the construction of the walls since her wanderings in Hellenic land. “Ms. Pécresse went to Greece and she said ‘I want walls’. Afterwards, she said ‘It’s not strong enough. I want barbed wire walls’. Why not add dogs the week after? ?”.

“Respect for human rights and principles”

Despite the deep intention of twelve of the 27 countries present within the European Union to want to get out of the ground these barbed barricades, mainly located in Eastern Europe, France will not give in to pressure. “The file has been exploited, look at the geography. It’s not a wall that will help us. Immigration comes from [principalement] maritime arrivals. I want us to respect the principles of human rights, in particular respect for asylum,” he concluded.

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