Project Zero: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, the remaster of the horror game launched on video

After Project Zero: Priestess of the Black Waters, Koei-Tecmo keep remastering his old survival horror and launch today Project Zero: The Lunar Eclipse Mask. It’s a small event in itself for fans of horror games, because the title had never crossed the borders of Japan when it was released in 2008 on the Wii.

Project Zero: The Lunar Eclipse Mask is now available on most modern platforms, and adds a mode Photo, improved graphics, reworked cutscenes and character models, and better rendering of shadows and lights. In addition to this, alternative outfits for the characters are offered. On the story side, it’s obviously very horrifying and inspired by Japanese folklore:

Project Zero: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse begins a decade after the mysterious disappearance of five young girls during a moonlight festival on the island of Rogetsu, located in southern Japan. Although they were saved, they had lost all memory of the events. Ten years later, two of the young people are dead and the three remaining teenage girls, Ruka Minazuki, Misaki Aso and Madoka Tsukimori, return to the island in hopes of solving the mystery of their friends’ deaths and trying to regain their memories. lost.

As they explore the Western-style mansions and abandoned hospitals of Rogetsu Island, players will rely only on moonlight and their flashlight to find clues and advance the story by interacting with objects. and places attracting their attention. Players will also have to repel the vengeful spirits that will try to prevent them from shedding light on the truth, for this they can count on a classic of the Project Zero franchise, the Camera Obscura. This special camera can be used to repel and capture spectra from a single shot. As they progress, players will also be able to use the Spirit Torch, a unique device that uses moonlight encased in a spirit stone to tame spirits.

Project Zero: The Lunar Eclipse Mask is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch, with a digital edition Deluxe including the whole Rogetsu Island Party OutfitsA art book and the soundtrack. You can find the game in this edition at €49.49 on Gamesplanet.

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