prom newbies

Lhe American series had brought us graduation ceremonies with hat-dropping and inspiring speeches, outdoor wedding ceremonies, baby shower priceless, the defendants who start saying “your honor” in court… Now, from Ploërmel to Epernay, “prom balls” are becoming widespread, at an age that seems to be dropping as quickly as that of access to the first smartphone.

Initially intended to celebrate the end of high school, the prom nights extended to classes of 2of and 1Dwho wanted to be part of the party (otherwise the gymnasium was too big), to the students of 3ewho claim to be able to celebrate the end of middle school, to those of CM2, who manage to convince their parents that they should order cocktail dresses in size 12 and inflate balloons to celebrate the end of primary (“Evening dress required, no jogging, sweets welcome”).

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Proms are distinguished from usual parties by their adherence to American codes, or rather the codes of Disney Channel TV movies: “chic and shock” theme, “gala evening” or anything that justifies specifying “dress code elegant” (boys in white shirts, girls in cocktail dresses usually worn by retirees from the Côte d’Azur), photocall in front of an arch of balloons, election of the king and queen of the prom… Until the wait from date (“horseman”, “horsewoman”), the mainspring of American films and series, which we pretend to be concerned about when, until then, we had always gone to parties alone.

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That’s when More beautiful life, the soap opera of France 3, announced a series of episodes in which “Lola decides to throw a prom at Scotto High School” that we understood that it was now a very French tradition.

How do we recognize them?

The fans of prom night are mostly girls. A month or two before the event, they created a WhatsApp loop dedicated to its preparation. They watched several times He is too good on Netflix (a makeover influencer tries to turn high school loser into promo king). They ordered their dresses on Shein. They made an appointment four hours before the evening with smoothing virtuosos to perfect their hairstyle. They posted a “Transitional TikTok” : before/after the evening dress.

how they talk

I have my prom in like ten days, I’m so excited, wesh. » I’m going to put on heels, but I’m going to struggle to walk. » All the high schools in Dijon had a prom except mine. » It pisses me off that we came across the Covid year for prom, we would have been so iconic. »

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