Pronovias its first collection of sustainable wedding dresses

As ecological consciousness awakens, the bridal fashion market decides to explore eco-responsible alternatives. This is the case of the Pronovias group which presents #WeDoEco, its first collection of sustainable dresses.

Because they are committed to reducing their environmental impact, women are now determined to change their consumption habits. To do this, many are now turning to ethical brands that use organic or recycled materials. To meet ever-growing demand, the bridal fashion market is also exploring eco-responsible alternatives. Very recently, the Pronovias group announced the launch of #WeDoEco, its first collection of sustainable wedding dresses. It is made up of fifteen models that are durable in all respects: fabrics, zippers, rhinestones, hangers. Among the dresses in the White One line, there are, for example, nine eco-friendly dresses made in certified organic crepe, mikado, gauze and tulle.

"In the #WeDoEco collections we find wonderful proposals that respect the environment for all women. We wish that brides-to-be looking for a sustainable option for their big day wouldn't have to give up their wedding dresses. dreams, putting at their disposal all the glamor, style and elegance specific to the dresses of the companies of Pronovias Group", emphasized Alessandra Rinaudo, Chief Artistic Officer of Pronovias Group.

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A brand committed to the end

To meet the new expectations of its customers, the group has applied a sustainability policy throughout the collection's production chain to ensure that a product has been produced from start to finish in a sustainable manner. As for the circularity of the product, Pronovias Group also partnered in March 2020 with Brides Do Good, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving a second life to wedding dresses and donating its profits to organizations specializing in gender equality issues that contribute to the empowerment of women and girls. Under the name #MyDressxHerFuture, this program offers environmentally conscious brides the opportunity to recycle their dresses for charity.

"Pronovias is not only the industry leader in luxury wedding dresses, it also guides the industry in researching how to establish long-term sustainability practices. The #WeDoEco initiative means that brides no longer have to give up luxury to be sustainable. It's a truly fascinating time and a huge step forward for this incredible and powerful brand led by women."said sustainability expert in fashion Julie Gilhart. A brand with great initiatives that should inspire the wedding market!

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