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Property tax is a direct tax levied on real estate properties, reflecting the contribution of owners to the development and maintenance of infrastructure and public services that enrich local communities. It is calculated according to the cadastral rental value of the property and may vary from one region to another due to the rates set by the local authorities. To settle it, there are several ways including monthly payments.

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How to monthly pay your property tax?

To accomplish this, the procedure is very simple: all you have to do is contact the tax authorities on the number (0 809 401 401) or connect to your personal space on the

Once you have accessed the Ministry of Finance portal, you will need to click on the section Paymentsthen select the option Sign up for monthly direct debit. To complete this step, keep in mind that three elements are required: a tax number, a tax notice and a bank account domiciled in France or Monaco.

How to stop the monthly payment of your property tax?

The monthly payment of the property tax remains in place from one year to the next. It is possible to cancel the monthly payment of tax in year Nbut the request must be submitted before June 30. The cessation of direct debits occurs automatically the month following the request.

To end the monthly payment of taxes in January N +1, it is necessary to make the request between July 1 and December 15 of year N. If the request is made between December 16 and December 31, the changes take effect in February N+1. To terminate the monthly payment, you can connect to using your identifiers and end the monthly payment from your personal space, the online tax payment service or your secure messaging service. You also have the option of calling the number indicated on your tax notice.

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