Proposal to Greece: Federal government offers money for refugee return

Proposal to Greece
Federal government offers money for refugee return

The conditions for refugees in Greece are bad – German courts have also found that. Nevertheless, the Federal Ministry of the Interior insists on the implementation of the Dublin procedure and wants to send back thousands of those entitled to protection. Athens is to receive financial grants for this.

The federal government has offered Athens to provide financial support for refugees sent back to Greece from Germany. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior said when asked whether the Greek government would accept this offer. The background to this is the rulings of German administrative courts which, due to the poor accommodation and supply situation, have in numerous cases prevented those recognized in Greece from being returned there. The Federal Ministry of the Interior sees the architecture of the entire Common European Asylum System at risk.

According to the ministry, around 2,900 foreigners who had already been granted international protection in Greece applied for asylum in the Federal Republic of Germany in the first quarter of this year. In addition, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees reportedly sent around 2100 requests for asylum seekers under the so-called Dublin Regulation to Greece during the same period.

This regulation states that as a rule the country in which an asylum seeker is registered is responsible for his application. It is not yet clear how much money Germany would spend on proper accommodation and care for the refugees it wants to send back to Greece. The deliberations are probably still at a very early stage. The Federal Ministry of the Interior only announced that Germany was ready to “support the appropriate accommodation and supply of those entitled to protection who are to be returned from Germany with its own resources”.

Administrative judges had ruled several times that recognized beneficiaries of protection were threatened with homelessness and impoverishment in the EU member state of Greece. Refugees do not receive adequate social benefits and they also have no real chance of building a subsistence level in Greece.