Proscenic takes over the green light of the Dyson V15 Detect on its P12 stick vacuum cleaner

When the V15 Detect was released in 2021, Dyson focused part of its communication around the green light emitted by the suction head, which should make it easier to identify dust on the floor. It took a few months to see the competition embark on the green attitude and it is therefore Proscenic which opens the ball with its P12, an upright vacuum cleaner which also projects a green glow on the ground (Vertec technology). The similarities end there, however. On the one hand, Dyson has chosen a single light source (which is not actually a laser), carefully oriented (1.5°) and placed at a very precise height from the ground (7mm, neither more nor less) to cast shadows as visibly as possible. On the other hand, even if there is no doubt that Proscenic has just as much studied the position and inclination of the green diodes present on the suction brush of the P12, the latter however greatly resemble a classic light system for illuminating the floors. dark or under furniture, already glimpsed on many stick vacuum cleaners.

The other technical characteristics of the Proscenic P12 do not bring much more novelty even if the telescopic suction tube is not very widespread in the small world of stick vacuum cleaners. We note all the same the appearance of an indicator of autonomy which uses a system of display with segment to indicate a percentage. Admittedly, an indication in minutes and seconds is more telling, but this system is still more precise than the trio of diodes to which the Taiwanese have accustomed us so far. Still on autonomy, Proscenic promises a removable battery capable of powering the motor for 60 minutes, at the lowest power of course, and without an electrobrush connected. In addition to this display and the traditional trigger placed at the level of the index, the control panel also includes sensitive keys to vary the suction power (four levels).

The waste bin of the Proscenic P12 is one of the most voluminous on the market since the manufacturer announces 1.2 liters of storage for dust and waste. It is also in this collector that the cyclonic filtration system is placed, assisted by the classic foam and HEPA filters.

The Proscenic P12 is already available. Launched at €239, it can be had for less than €200.

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