Protecting your curly hair from the cold: 3 habits to adopt


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Our skin is not the only one to suffer from the cold. Our hair is also afraid of the winter season. So, it is important to protect your curls from the cold. But how ?

If during the summer, it is the UV rays diffused by the sun, salt or even chlorine that can damage our hair; during the winter season, our hair is just as damaged. But this time, not by the sun, the pool or the beach. In winter, it is the cold and the wind that weaken our hair. To this is added friction, whether under our cap or our scarf. In short, summer and winter alike, our hair is badly handled. It is therefore important to take good care of them and protect them as much as possible; all the more so when they are buckled. Curly hair is indeed even more fragile than others. But how do you properly protect them from sudden changes in temperature? We give you 3 easy habits to adopt in winter for beautiful hair.

1. Hydrate well and nourish your lengths

Important throughout the year; this is all the more necessary in winter. Period during which our hair is all the more dry and damaged. So no reason to skimp on moisturizing and nourishing products. We take special care of our curls in winter. We turn to a moisturizing shampoo (which we apply only to the scalp) and we do not forget, after each hair wash, to make a conditioner or a nourishing mask. Finally, morning and evening, we think of using a vegetable oil (avocado oil, argan oil, coconut oil …) on the lengths. Heat a few drops of product between the palms of your hands and style your curls with your fingertips. Nothing better for hair full of vitality, fortified, shiny and in perfect health!

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2. Humidify the air

In winter, the air is dry, and this has a direct effect on our hair. This dries them out and thus makes them more fragile and damaged. Hair also becomes electric easily and is more difficult to style. To counter this phenomenon, you can get an air humidifier that will bring the right amount of humidity back to the atmosphere.

3. Tie up your curly hair

Finally, we advise you to tie your lengths as much as possible. You can for example opt for a pretty ponytail, an incredible braid or a beautiful bun. Whatever trendy hairstyle you choose to adopt, it is bound to be beneficial for your hair. By attaching them, you will avoid as much friction as possible with your clothes, your scarves … in addition, there is nothing better to prevent our lengths from catching the wind and getting tangled.

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