Proteins: why they are good for our body

Being healthy largely depends on what is on our plate. And in order not to have deficiencies, it is advisable to eat protein-based foods… but not too much either. Stéphanie Barré is coordinator of cancer screening programs at INCa (National Cancer Institute). She explains Monday in Well done for you how, how much and in what forms it is advisable to take protein.

Why are proteins essential?

Protein is one of the three nutrients along with fats and sugars: they are essential. Without them, we cannot live. They help cell renewal and growth. They also allow to have a role of structure in the muscle, in the bone, in the hair or in the blood. You should also know that hormones are proteins. Enzymes that allow chemical reactions in the body are too.

What are the risks of a protein-free diet?

You may initially have significant fatigue, both physical and moral, as well as pain in the joints. This will lead to malfunctions in the tissues of the body.

Conversely, is it dangerous to eat too much protein?

The French eat a lot of it. But as long as there are no health problems, that is to say that the kidneys work well, there is no risk of having a heart problem. If you eat a little more protein than the recommended amount, it does not matter. And then there are populations that need it more than others, such as athletes. On the other hand, if you suffer from renal insufficiency, it is necessary to pay attention to the excess of proteins.

There are two kinds of protein…

In animal sources, proteins are said to be of high biological quality because they provide you with all the essential amino acids. There are eight of them and that’s how our body, which doesn’t know how to make them, will build these proteins. In vegetable sources, soy brings the eight essential amino acids, but it is the only one because otherwise, vegetable sources are lacking. Grains that contain protein lack an amino acid called lysine. Legumes lack methionine, so you have to know when you’re vegan or vegetarian. You’re going to have to combine them really well.

Are diets dangerous?

Many people do either the Dukan diet (high protein slimming diet, editor’s note), or diets rich in sachets. Some of them manage to maintain their weight for a number of months or even years, but most have regained the weight, unfortunately. Regarding the intake of shakers by athletes, it is widespread in gyms, because it allows you to gain muscle quickly, but it is totally contraindicated by the National Food Safety Agency , the environment and labor (ANSES).

When you have a kidney problem, a heart problem or when you have a serious illness, you don’t take protein supplements or these shakes. For the others, once in a while maybe, but not very often because we will end up reaching the kidneys.

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