Protest in Bregenz – anti-vaccination campaigns and anti-corona doubters

Crowded, sometimes even with small children! On Sunday around 5000 people marched in Bregenz, mostly without masks, to demonstrate against the government’s mandatory vaccination and other corona measures.

Armed with cowbells, whistles and drums, several thousand people marched through Bregenz city center on Sunday afternoon. They vented their anger about the lockdown and reacted angrily about the announced compulsory vaccination. My body, I decide! ”,“ We ​​want our basic rights back !!! No compulsory vaccination “or” Schallenzwerg and mosquito-brains are vaccination fascists “- all this and much more could be read on the posters of several thousand demonstrators who on Sunday announced their displeasure with the recently announced measures by the federal government.” Against the split ” “Against the split. We stick together ”was the call of the organizers. Little was, however, read or heard of the subject of division. “We want freedom,” one group chanted. Most of them were loudly annoyed about the compulsory vaccination, which is known to come into force in February. The army of discontented people moved from Bahnhofstrasse over the bridge towards the Festspielhaus to the Bregenz harbor. Especially at narrow points – for example in front of the bridge – it was difficult to keep the minimum distance. Only very few wore an FFP2 mask, as intended for all participants in your demonstration. About 100 executives were deployed.
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