Protest in Voitsberg – Participants tested positive after the corona demo

Last Wednesday there was a “Lights-Peace Walk” through Voitsberg in Styria. 200 opponents of the corona measures took part, there were also 19 reports. One of the participants, the district administration is now warning, later tested positive. The demo participants should therefore closely monitor their state of health.

The authority informs: After a corona case becomes known at the demo in Voitsberg, all people who took part should monitor their state of health very carefully over the next few days – as long as they are symptom-free – voluntarily undergo a PCR test, there, where this is offered free of charge, and your social contacts are reduced to a minimum. Report “Lights-Peace Walk” at 1450 in the event of symptoms such as shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, dry cough, fever or sudden loss of the sense of taste / smell All persons asked to contact the health hotline 1450 immediately with the note “Lights-Peace Walk through Voitsberg” so that the official PCR testing can be carried out. In this case, contact with other people should be restricted as far as possible until the test result is available.
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