Proze joins FaZe Clan and wins $1 million

After months of challenges and thousands of participants, FaZe1’s recruitment challenge has finally come to an end, and it was Canadian streamer Proze who took the overall victory, securing a spot on the iconic team as well. than a million dollar reward.

Four months after its announcement, the FaZe1 recruitment competition has finally come to an end. After weeks of online trials, followed by an in-person trial at the FaZe Warehouse, thousands of hopefuls have culminated in a single winner.

And it was finally the Canadian streamer Proze who won the title of “FaZe Proze”. As the winner of the global competition, Proze is now the newest member of the famous team and has earned a sizable signing bonus.

Not only did the content creator win $1 million in cryptocurrency, but he also landed a $250,000 GFuel sponsorship, as well as a Nissan GTR.

After passing the first round to secure a place in the top 100, Proze then flew to Los Angeles after qualifying for the final with the top 20 contestants under one roof.

Fifteen days of live action then followed and, in the end, it was the Canadian streamer who was crowned the winner.

With over half a million followers on Twitch and YouTube, Proze has built up a devoted fan base through his regular content on Warzone. From his sniping skills to his amusing reactions, Proze is sure to have all FaZe fans entertained at his upcoming lives.

Now officially a member of FaZe Clan after months of chasing his dream, there’s no doubt that Proze will continue to grow from now on.

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