PS3 games popping up on PS5’s PS Store, a sign of Spartacus’ arrival?

The Spartacus project seems to be progressing on the side of home sony. PlayStation’s supposed new service, which would bring together PS Plus and PS Now, was on everyone’s lips last week when news broke that physical PS Now cards were starting to be withdrawn from sale, suggesting the arrival of the new subscription. This weekend, users also noticed that PS3 games were listed on the PS Store of the PS5, reviving rumors around the service and the arrival of backward compatibility, which was the subject of a patent filed by Sony, discovered a few days ago.

True clue or simple bug?

It all starts with this tweet, which shows select PS3 titles listed on the PS Store with the option to purchase them, which was not the case before. Subsequently, many users were able to see the same thing, even if it is not possible to have such a result by going through an Internet browser to access the PS Store.

The tweet then spread like wildfire, heralding a change for the store, but it could be a little more complicated.

According to other people, this is all just a visual bug, which has already appeared in the past, and which would be based on the titles that are present on PS Now. The service offered PS3 game rental and these are the prices that appear following a bug.

So it just seems like a big coincidence, which is not new, and which is simply gaining momentum today in response to rumors about Spartacus and the recent backward compatibility patent. It will therefore be necessary to be careful with this whole story, not to draw hasty conclusions.

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