PS5: In 2022, Sony will rely on the PS4 to deal with shortages

Due to the difficulties in obtaining a PS5, many gamers continue to wait quietly to switch to the next generation on the PS4. And for those who don’t have either but want to get a PlayStation console, the availability and catalog of the PS4 make it an ever-attractive choice in 2022. And it looks like Sony has it. well aware.

Sony will continue to produce PS4s in 2022 to partially offset the difficulties it faces in making PS5s. The information comes from the US site Bloomberg, citing sources close to the situation. According to the latter, Sony would have warned its partners in the assembly sectors of this intention at the end of last year.

Also according to Bloomberg sources, Sony initially planned to stop production of the PS4 at the end of 2021. In the past, the Japanese manufacturer has publicly announced the cessation of production of certain PS4 models. On the other hand, he has never revealed his intentions regarding the total cessation of production of the PlayStation 4.

The Sony PlayStation 4 logo.

Maintain PS4 production in 2022, a strategic choice

According to information obtained by Bloomberg, Sony plans to manufacture around one million PS4s in 2022. The electronics giant would, however, allow itself the possibility of adjusting this quantity according to demand. Obviously, this represents only a small part of the consoles that it will distribute in 2022. Continue, and revise upwards, the production of PS4 however has a financial interest for Sony while waiting for things to get better on the side. of the PS5.

Several Bloomberg sources explain that increasing PS4 production currently allows Sony to have more negotiating room with its suppliers than if it only produced PS5s. These are logically more expensive to manufacture and Sony cannot for the moment produce as many as it wishes.

When asked by Bloomberg about the PS4 situation, Sony did not go into details. The Japanese giant, however, confirmed the continued production of the console in 2022. And added in passing:

It is one of the best-selling consoles of all time and there is always a cross between the generations.

An impact to come on upcoming games?

Sony initially intended to make a rapid transition from the PS4 to the PS5. But the COVID-19 pandemic and its many consequences have changed everything. The significant increase in demand for video and console games, semiconductor supply problems and the delays in many new-gen games mean that the PS4 still has a role to play in 2022. The latter represents a financially attractive alternative to the PS5 for new gamers, families as well as those who have recently returned to video games.

In parallel to this situation, Sony has made the choice to offer several of its big games to come on both PS5 and PS4. So it will be interesting to see if continued production of the PS4 as well as continued PS5 supply issues will prompt Sony, as well as third-party publishers, to continue releasing cross-gen games.

What do you think of this situation? Do you think the PS4 still has a role to play in 2022? How much longer do you think big games will be released on PS4? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

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