PS5: Possible news from Spartacus next week (and not only good ones)

Code name : Spartacus. This is the unofficial name of the future game-on-demand service from PlayStation who has been talking about him for some time now. Supposed to surpass PS Now and compete with Xbox Game Pass, Spartacus should (finally) reveal itself by next week.

Can’t wait? We, yes!

The teaser of the mysterious Spartacus project is coming to an end!

What can we expect from Game Pass made in Sony?

According to the first information in our possession which would come from people close to the project (source), the Spartacus project would aim to combine PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now offers. Offering multiple subscription levels to adapt to the different budgets and desires of its community, the service would thus be modular, which the Xbox Game Pass is not.

In the idea, the level 1 subscription should contain the biggest hits of the console of the past years while the highest level of engagement could downright allow players to test extensive game demos and of stream the games in question.

Even if Spartacus announces a launch with many big hits from the Sony firm, one of the information relayed by an intimate of the project is that the biggest PlayStation hits will not be available day 1 on the servicecontrary to what Xbox had done.

The PlayStation catalog promises great things!  - Millennium
The PlayStation catalog promises great things!

Fans already on the go

Faced with people who already compare Spartacus to Xbox Game Pass saying that Sony’s offer is not at the levelwe can already observe the first reactions of the PlayStation community to make fun of it:

Translation: “I can also confirm that Spartacus will not have the first Xbox Party Games, access to the Xbox Gaming Cloud and Xbox Live Gold. Honestly it does not smell good for Sony…”

This sarcastic tweet is not an isolated case. Even if indeed the Spartacus service does not look similar in all respects to that of Microsoft, the fans are still enthusiastic and eagerly await the official announcements. I have to say that the PS Now deal never really took offso it seemed only natural for PlayStation to want to move in another direction, and a total Game Pass decal would have been just as maligned and ridiculed anyway.

Case to follow in the coming days !

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the PlayStation Now games for the month of February 2022, and good news for GTA players, one of the most famous titles of the license joins the already well-stocked catalog, and it is about GTA Vice City Definitive Edition.

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