PS5 Pro and new Xbox Series, the future consoles for 2023/2024?

As we know, this generation of consoles is unlike any other as it has difficulty getting started, the fault of component shortages which prevent manufacturers from ensuring decent stocks of machines for consumers. But that doesn’t stop the rumors of PS5 Pro and again Xbox Series to flourish everywhere on social networks, very often without any basis. But this time, it’s these supposed new consoles that have been mentioned by a slightly more particular entity, since it’s the television manufacturer. TCL.

TCL revives PS5 Pro and new Xbox Series rumors

The information was reported to us from the PPE site (and relayed by insider Tom Henderson), one of whose journalists was able to attend a presentation of the Polish branch of TCL.

During this speech, the manufacturer broadcast a slideshow that looks back on the latest generations of consoles, in order to highlight the evolution of the technology of the latter, capable of displaying an increasingly impressive image rendering. . Except that in this presentation, we see the mention of the PS5 Pro and a new Xbox Series, with a release forecast of 2023 or 2024and the possibility for them to display 8K (which should be the case for current consoles, normally).

Should we believe it?

Obviously, it should not be seen as a confirmation from TCL here, who would be aware of the existence of these supposed machines. Given the slideshow in question, we imagine that the manufacturer simply assumes that mid-generation consoles will arrive soonas was the case for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. It is also possible, and it is even quite probable, that TCL foolishly trusts the rumors disseminated everywhere.

With the shortage of consoles, it’s hard to believe that this could be possible (at least for 2023), unless Sony and Microsoft opt ​​for components that are easier to produce and find, which would justify the switch a little more. to new models.

We will therefore be very careful here, and we will not take that at face value.but it is still amusing to see such a manufacturer advancing on these rumors when we are far from imagining that these consoles could arrive so quickly (but hey, who knows…).

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