PS5 Pro and Slim: we take stock

Above all, remember that these are rumors, and that no internal source has ever denied or confirmed what will follow.

PS5 Pro

Let’s cut to the chase. It is very likely that Sony will not release a Pro version of its PS5 in the coming years. Indeed, it remains complicated to obtain the latter, released two years ago now. If the scalpers (margoulins buying rare products in batches to resell them at a higher price in order to make a comfortable margin without straining themselves too much) have not really helped the situation, it is above all the recent global pandemic and the lack of electronic components that prevented the consoles from selling well. As a result, releasing an improved version of the beast would, today at least, make no sense. If we are to believe the rumors, the PS5 Pro has already been abandoned in favor of the PS6.

PS5 Slim

Technically, the PS5 catalog already has a more accessible model than the other: the PlayStation Digital Edition, without an optical drive. Still, some hallway noises actually evoke a PS5 Slim, of which, obviously, no technical specificity has been decided. There is mention here of a removable optical drive, there of a water cooling … In short, the calculations are going well, but nothing has filtered on the side of PlayStation. Anyway, we open our doors wide to keep you informed as soon as real sourced and reliable information becomes available.

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