PS5 scalpers are unable to sell their consoles, France is the European n°2 in electric charging, this is the recap

PS5 scalpers can no longer sell their consoles, France’s No. 2 in Europe for electric charging, the exorbitant cost of ChatGPT every day at OpenAI, this is the news recap for Friday April 21, 2023.

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What’s new in the Android and High-Tech universe on Phonandroid this Friday, April 21, 2023? On the video game side, we had the right to a long presentation of Street Fighter 6 from Capcom. Via a new Showcase, the Japanese studio has revealed many details on the World Tour mode, on the combat system or even on the accessibility of the title.

In a completely different area, the Honor brand has revealed the launch date in France of the Honor Vs, its very first folding smartphone. The appointment is given for May 24, 2023. In our columns, we also mentioned the end of the legal battle between Starlink and the French operators. The Council of State has declared that SpaceX’s satellite internet service poses no risk to competition in France. But without further ado, let’s see together whatit was imperative to retain in the news of this Friday, April 21, 2023.

PS5 scalpers are in trouble

Gone are the days of scalpers with PS5s displayed at exorbitant prices. According to several users on Reddit, the prices charged by scalpers are now close to that recommended by Sony, or even lower.

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France n°2 for electric charging in Europe

According to the latest Power2Drive Europe report, France offers one of the best charging networks for electric cars in Europe. With more than 83,000 charging points in France, our country is in second place, just behind the Netherlands.

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As Emmanuel Macron would say, ChatGPT obviously costs a lot of money to the startup OpenAI. According to the SemiAnalysis firm, the conversational chatbot costs its creators no less than $700,000 a day. A sum that includes the maintenance and development of server infrastructure.

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