PS5: the modified microprocessor on the new CFI-1200A and CFI-1200B models, here is what changes

For the second time in its young history, Sony Interactive Entertainment has discreetly improved the internal structure of its PlayStation 5, to reduce its costs and improve its power. Series models CFI-1200A and CFI-1200B were indeed discovered this summer in Australia, with a lower overall weight which foreshadowed an internal reduction.

New 6nm “Oberon Plus” CPU on the left, older 7nm “Oberon” model on the right

Of the teardowns have taken place since, making it possible to discover that the motherboard and the cooling circuit had been reworked to be lighter and less power-hungryfor identical performance. Angstronomics reveals this week that the PlayStation 5’s microprocessor has also been changedas rumored as early as 2021.

the CPU personalized engraved in 7 nm of the original has thus been replaced by a CPU 6nm Semi Custom AMDmade by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). It does not offer better performance, but its tighter shape engraved on 260 mm² against 300 mm² previously offers less heat loss and reduced electricity consumption (an overall decrease of about 10%, according to Austin Evans’ analysis earlier this month).

Angstronomics specifies that these structural changes would make it possible to save about 12% on the production cost of the console (which goes completely against the recent price increase) and above all makes it possible to bring forward the end of production of the old CPU nicknamed Oberon which will soon be replaced by theOberon Plus. However, this shouldn’t change much about the difficulty of get a PS5, due to lack of sufficient stocks to meet demand.

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