PS5: This fan has recreated a cult scene from the movie Jurassic Park and it’s breathtaking!

Creativity has no limits and our player of the day is overflowing with it. He simply set himself the task of recreating from A to Z a cult scene from the very first Jurassic Park released in 1993 with his PlayStation and his controller thanks to the game Dreams – nothing more.

A pixel reproduction

Released February 14, 2020 on PlayStation 4, dreams is a creative game developed by Media Molecule and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. In this creation tool, you can explore dreams (games, audiovisual experiences, graphic art, music, sculptures,…) and create them. The concept of Dreams is to provide easy and intuitive access to programming, music production or cinematic creation, without hardware or experience, and to promote content created by dreamers (the players).

It is therefore this title that Krenautican used to recreate the cult scene of the T-rex attack from the first film in the Jurassic Park saga. He is not the first to attempt such an experiment. Last March, a Danish artist recreated part of Elden Ring on Dreams.

If you’re wondering how Krenautican did it, or just want to see the video in higher resolution, he also posted a video on his channel revealing his entire process. She shows the amount of work that went into building the set to scale, how he went about matching everything from the size of the fence wiring to the corner of the car doors, so the end result was as close as possible to the original work.

An ambitious designer

Our creator of the day is not at his first attempt and seems to have a slight obsession with dinosaurs. On his Youtube channel, you can find many videos on the subject.

Krenautican’s goal is simply to create its own Jurassic Park game using Dreams. He has already created sounds but also some dinosaurs for his own title. And when you see the time but above all the passion he invests in the project, you can’t wait to see the final result. If you want to take a look at his creations, head to his channel.


We hoped it would be otherwise, we didn’t want to believe it, but we’ll have to make up our minds, all the “old” PSVR games will have to be put away, there will be no backwards compatibility on the PSVR 2 .

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