PSG goalkeeper Alexandre Letellier kidnapped and assaulted at home with his family last night

Jean-Baptiste Marty
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10:29 a.m., December 19, 2023

Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Alexandre Letellier was the target of burglars last night while he was at his home with his family. Four armed individuals attacked the couple and the player’s two children before finally being arrested by the police who were quickly dispatched to the scene.

Nightmare night for the third goalkeeper of Paris Saint-Germain. Alexandre Letellier was the victim of a violent burglary last night at his home located in Hardricourt in Yvelines. Four individuals, armed with a knife, broke into the player’s house. They kidnapped the player, his wife and his two children aged two and six. The burglars repeatedly assaulted the couple and attempted to steal numerous jewelry and money from them.

Three arrests

The couple finally managed to contact the police by telephone who went to the football player’s home. Three individuals out of the four present were arrested, the last managed to flee. Among them, two are aged 15 and are therefore minors, the third is 20 years old. The judicial police have been seized of the investigation to shed light on this matter

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